The universe is not only strange but stranger than we can imagine

Hunger Star



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Tick tock…

The Die Back — the death of billions through war, famine, plague and infrastructure collapse — appears almost inevitable. Only good luck and constant interventions by the powerful AI-run Skellig Michael Institute are staving off a new dark age or even mass extinction.

In light of the deteriorating situation, the Skellig Michael is relocating its headquarters from high Earth orbit to Luna. The first wave of colonists will soon embark in the Marathon, the Institute’s skyscraper-sized spacecraft.

But at the heart of the Institute is a mole, a high-ranking traitor, dedicated to the failure of the mission and the destruction of the Institute’s greatest assets, its advanced AIs. The only clues to the mole’s identity are the dying words of a terrorist.

Edward Wolfe, senior Institute fellow, must track down the mole before he or she can strike. The task is impossible, the price of failure, unthinkable




 Excerpts and notes from the world of
Hunger Star



The world of Dr. Edward Wolfe
She arrived about four in the morning -- a half hour before the missiles
Songs of sadness from The Lost
Wolfe visits the bazaar
Wolfe wonders why

Wolfe wonders why

Wolfe sometimes wondered why he was doing this — leaving whatever passed for home behind, taking off in a metal cylinder to start a new life on an airless more
The Hunger Star from Orbital One

The Hunger Star from Orbital One

Above the globe, stitched against the eternal night of space, was a brilliant, glaring white star — the Hunger Star. It had blossomed into luminous being three weeks ago......Read more
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