The universe is not only strange but stranger than we can imagine

Taking out insurance (Epigraph, Chapter 11)

space-explorationThe Die Back can be considered in different ways. Those of the Gaea persuasion take it as evidence that the planet, the ecosphere itself, is determined to wipe out what has become an intolerable pest. Those of a more calculating bent take the looming possibility of the Die Back as an urgent reminder that diversified portfolios are generally the safest.

It is far harder to wipe out a species that has spread itself across the solar system than one confined to the surface of one planet. This obvious truth, they say, has been overlooked too long to the general peril of the race. The solution to the Die Back is to step out to the planets, and then further out again.

Breaking Point, Essays on Post Millennial Topics: Henrikus Grobius



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