The universe is not only strange but stranger than we can imagine

Epigraphs, Hunger Star

No direction home (Epigraph, Chapter 8)


The last thirty years have seen migrations and human movement on a scale unprecedented in history. On one hand are the hapless, teeming poor, scurrying desperately out of the way of floods, plagues, desertification and all the other assorted ills of the post-millennium era. On the other are the unattached professional classes and skilled laborers, migrating endlessly around the globe in search of career advantage.

The very concept of home has become tarnished, misty, elusive. As never before, we are living in a rootless age. So many of us are refugees, living out of suitcases, car trunks, cardboard boxes, desperate to go back to a home that no longer exists.

The third age of exile. Jean-Claude LaRue