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Arctic Mammoth Killed By Humans 45,000 Years Ago

This find pushed the date for human exploration of the Arctic back by 10,000 years. Apparently our distant ancestors were both clever and hardy enough to survive in the high Arctic as much as 45,000 years ago –long, long before Canada Goose coats and long underwear.

Mammoth specimens have been found in such good condition, thanks to the deep freeze that preserved their bodies, that some scientists speculate it may one day be possible to “resurrect” the species using preserved DNA.

“Analysis of the remains of a mammoth discovered in 2012 just 1,250 miles from the North Pole has revealed it was slain by human hands 45,000 years in the past. The extreme age of the remains – and the fact that they bear the telltale marks of being killed by human hunters using crude spears  – has turned the archaeological community on its ear.”

Source: Arctic Mammoth Killed By Humans 45,000 Years Ago