The universe is not only strange but stranger than we can imagine


Robotic boy helps treatment of Alzheimer’s patients

Truly, we are living in a science-fiction world. And this is only the start. This robot has crude AI capabilities — imagine what the fourth or fifth generation of “Ludwig” may be like. At the same time, consider that many Ludwigs will take the place of flesh-and-blood people. We already see this with the advent of such widespread technology as the humble ATM.

This tech-driven displacement is going to continue and widen. Where will the displaced men and women go, how will they make a living? Not everyone can be an AI developer or robot repair expert. So? The question should be carefully pondered by those who care about society a decade or two, or three down the road. This proviso automatically excluded most career politicians and corporate leaders — fresh reason for concern.

The 60-cm-high mechanical boy can talk and move to keep patients socially engage.

Ludwig has a mission — to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Ludwig is also a robot.

The 60-cm-high mechanical boy can talk and move to keep patients socially engage.

His real job is to monitor the patient’s speech and cognitive patterns, and report on any declining conditions.

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Ban killer robots before it’s too late! (seriously)

They are coming! (Aren't they?)

They are coming! (Aren’t they?)

You would think this was the title of some 1950s B movie — but actually it is the title of a report by Human Rights Watch, an international organization devoted to protecting human rights globally. According to the report, autonomous killer robots are already under development by major powers – and the threat they would pose is unthinkable. These robots would have no legal or moral reason not to kill. As the report notes, they “could not show human compassion for their victims, and autocrats could abuse them by directing them against their own people.”

And, of course, they might well have trouble distinguishing a child holding an ice cream cone from a terrorist toting a gun — echoes of the horrendous boardroom scene in Robocop.  Ah, progress.