The universe is not only strange but stranger than we can imagine
  • Will we be able to stop this when we see it coming?

  • Hello? Anybody out there?

  • Is this inevitable?

  • Is this where consciousness abides -- or is it somewhere other?

  • Will we have the skill and the wisdom to take this next vital step?

The Hunger Star

On Earth, the situation is deteriorating rapidly. The Die Back — the death of billions through war, famine, plague and infrastructure collapse — appears almost inevitable. Only good luck and constant interventions by the powerful AI-run Skellig Michael Institute are staving off a new dark age or even mass extinction.

In light of the deteriorating situation, the Skellig Michael is relocating its headquarters from high Earth orbit to Luna. The first wave of colonists will soon embark in the Marathon, the Institute’s skyscraper-sized spacecraft.

But as launch approaches, a shocking discovery: at the heart of the Institute is a mole, a high-ranking traitor, dedicated to the failure of the mission and the destruction of the Institute's greatest assets, its advanced AIs. The only clues to the mole's identity are the dying words of a terrorist.

Edward Wolfe, senior Institute fellow, must track down the mole before he or she can strike. The task seems impossible, the price of failure, unthinkable.

Oh really?

A look at some cool, weird or quirky science and the ever-evolving, fascinating mess that is modern society.

We land spacecraft on comets. We send robots to look for life on Mars. We massacre innocents in the name of religion, tribe, ideology. One day soon, we may create or encounter intelligences far greater than our own. Then what?

An attempt to look at the strange stuff going on right now -- and where it may be leading us.

Notes from tomorrow

Assorted notes, epigraphs and excerpts from authors of times to come. Of special note, selections from:

  • The Collected Works of Henrikus Grobius (well-known essayist and sociam commentator)
  • Entries from Signs and Portents: A guide to the Apocalypse
  • The Best of the Skellig Michael Press, 2025-2030

Boldly go!

Surely the destiny of our species must be to explore and colonize space. We absolutely must become a space-faring race, learning to live on other planets and eventually reaching the stars.

Worlds beyond imagining could be ours. Or, we could become ever more lazy and cowardly. We could shy away from the toil and danger that will necessarily go hand-in-hand with space exploration -- eventually to face a dull, Earthbound extinction.

A look at some of the astounding possibilities available to those who dare to step further out.


In the portfolio section, you'll find a selection of articles, videos and patient information written for clients over the last few years.

Topics range from cancer and cardiovascular medicine to nanotechnology, astronomy and even math. I have been especially interested in the area of stroke and how people can recover function following one of these devastating events.